Key Holding Nottingham

DD Security Nottingham are SIA approved in key holding. Which means we have been trained and accredited with a valid license to hold clients keys professionally and legally on thier behalf. The main reason companies, businesses or even residential clients wish to choose us for their key holding services with us in Nottingham, is our proven track record with many large and small firms.

Our safe Approved by the SIA SAFE manned

What is key holding?

Key holding is the act of a security firm that obtains and safely holds a set of keys to your business, access panel or security gates.

Why would my business need Key holding?

In the event of an alarm at your premises we would attend to it instead of you, this in turn presents no risk to you or your staff. We can attend the the possible securiy breech on your behalf and ensure your property or premises is safe. In the event of a burglary we can securely board up the premises which elimnates the lengthy proccess which the insurance company or police provide.

Not only can our key holding service be used for alarm response it also has other benefits such as allowing access to granted members of staff or tradesmen when you are unable to attend and also keeping your business secured and safe when you are on holiday or during new year and the christmas period.

All of our keys are securly kept in a chubb protection safe and which is stored at a discreet 24/7 manned location

We offer our key holding service to Nottingham residential and business clients

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