Mobile Security Patrols Nottingham

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Our mobile security patrols ensure your business is Kept secure during the day or through out the night. We can deploy security vans and patrol your premises in periodic intervals during a time specified by you. Our guards can perform a series parameter checks and report back to our office or you by the hour if and when needed. Our guards work through the night so you dont have to. Not only are all of our guards SIA licensed they are trained in different methods to deter unwanted people away from your business.

Dont leave your business at risk day or night

Here's a brief list of what our mobile security patrols check on thier rounds

Potential Fire risks, Fence or gate breeches, Double check locks, Check for vandalism, Ensure CCTV is in operation, Check the safety of staff/customers, Deter any unwanted guests hanging around, Ensure Alarm systems are active.

If you think we can help your business with a mobile security patrol please call us today and we will offer a assesment and consultation free of charge.

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